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The file extension .aspx is a proprietary Microsoft creation used for generating dynamic Web Page content. The file extension .aspx stands for Active Server Page Extended. It is a Web page source file used by the free Microsoft framework.

The framework uses built-in objects to organize functions directing Web page actions. The file extension .aspx includes embedded scripting language and code. The original ASP format had problems with overlapping style and substance.



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The file extension .aspx is an improved version of This network uses a Common Language Runtime (CLR) established execution environment based on the .NET language platform. has improved its dynamic code programming by depending on the "code-behind" model that separates style and substance code for security and integrity purposes. Modifications can be made more easily without altering the original code.

This "code-behind" model allows for more concentrated code targeting functions. It also permits different developers to write code for either style or substance on a Web page, leading to an increased specialization and utilization of talents.


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More Info Regarding File Extension Aspx

In the ASP system, developers write code controlling specific events, such as "page loading"; rather than as a map of instructions to direct an entire application. The file extension .aspx can be used for many Internet functions, including e-mail and online shopping. Oftentimes, it might cooperate with other programming languages like .php to perform its functions.

The file format .aspx is a Microsoft proprietary invention. It works on the most popular Web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Opera. This ASP code is parsed by the browser, managing Web pages "behind-the-scenes". The .aspx coding instructions are sent to the browser to direct Web page functions. The .aspx file extension may be the delivered service request program code result. Some Uniform Resource Locators (URL) might also end in the .aspx file extension.

The Mac OS and Microsoft Windows Web browsers open .aspx files. Open the .aspx file extension by double-clicking on it. The computer will use the default program "associated" with file extensions of type .aspx. If this default application is not establised, you will need to search through the programs to find one that opens this file. Once found, click on the program to select. Then hit OK to make it the new default application for file extension .aspx.

Compression (used to create smaller files which lead to increased transmission speeds) of an file extension .aspx can be accomplished using the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). When a request for compression occurs, IIS checks to see if there is already a stored "compressed" version of the file. IIS considers whether the file contains "static" or "dynamic" content. If the file contains dynamic content, then IIS compresses the file, as it is being assembled and sends the compressed file to the server.

The .aspx file extension encloses Web forms and includes designating controls to run Web pages. The file extension .aspx is based on ActiveX scripting. It is processed on the Web server and declarative programming enabled.

Some programmers prefer to convert .aspx to Hypertext Markup Language (.html) code. This can be done by changing the .aspx code to .html code, using replace string path arguments. There are also special programs available to make .aspx run like .html code.

Errors with .aspx file extension, typically result from using the wrong program to open the file. These are called "file association" errors. They can be resolved by re-setting the default program used to open the .aspx file.

To re-establish a proper file association. Click on the file extension .aspx to select the file. Right click on the file. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer or another program that opens these files. This will become the new default for opening this file.

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